Quarterly Newsletter


Happy Autumn! L’autunno is a deliciously exciting time at both our Lucia locations as well as abroad at Masseria Frattaroli, just outside of Sulmona, Italy. The fall harvest is in full swing and our kitchens are brimming with late summer and fall ingredients. Our chefs are preparing seasonal specialties such as chestnut-based dishes, pumpkin tortelli and ravioli, apple and pear crostata, fruit preserves and spreads. In Italy, we are getting ready to harvest olives from our very own olive groves that go into our reserve extra virgin olive oil. Join us for lunch or dinner at Lucia and savor the tastes of autumn in Italy for yourself.


Welcome to the Lucia Ristorante e-newsletter. We’ve stirred in all the delectable details below. Whether in Boston’s North End (original Lucia Ristorante est. 1977), Winchester (Lucia Ristorante est. 1985), or in Sulmona, Italy (B&B Sei Stelle est. 2005), we look forward to providing you an authentic regional Italian culinary experience at its very best.

A presto,
The Frattaroli Family